Michael Gan: Scott offered gentle critiques that didn’t discourage my photography but let me know my images could be a whole lot better.   He encouraged me — and showed me how — to look at the same subject in many different ways and from many different angles. I began producing better images, gained confidence quickly, ditched some of my lesser gear, and started to get much more serious about the art of photography.  All the while, Scott offered tips and tricks with a sense of humor. To this day, he pushes me to find something new and different about how I approach sports photography.  That’s why he’s my coach!

Barry Gutierrez: Scott is a natural born teacher. I met him nearly two decades ago, while he was volunteering his time to a bunch of college kids at the school newspaper at Santa Monica College. Scott hammered us with the fundamentals and taught us many things, from composition and lighting to how to approach people in difficult situations. But most importantly, he taught us how to become better photographers. If you ever wanted to sharpen your skills and take your photography to the next level, this is the guy you should trust.