Good Idea+ Testing = Success

One of the fun things about having the camera mounted in a remote location is when you finally see the photos they’re a total surprise. The advance work that Michael put in before the swim meet paid off nicely. There were several strong photos to chose from but I posted my favorite one here. Why did I pick that one? I found this one striking with the bubbling water covering the swimmers head making for a sense of mystery.

While he was setting up his shot, I made a few behind the scenes photos to give you a better idea of how we set up the camera and what we used to keep the gear out of the deep end!


The late afternoon light made for interesting patterns in the water


Out on the end of the diving board one of the major concerns was to get the camera safely attached to the tripod head.


After the camera was attached, Michael had a swimmer do a few strokes so he could fine tune his composition.


Here is a tight shot of the home made gizmo I built to attach the camera to the board. It included a Arca Swiss Monoball head, two “C” clamps, a wooden “L” bracket and a 35 pound sandbag. The 15 feet long gray cable is the way we are triggering the camera. There are two pieces of tape on the lens, what do you think that is for? One pice tapes the zoom at it’s widest setting (16 mm) and the second tapes the focus at 7 feet. This way nothing can accidently giggle our setting, they are “taped down” and can’t be changed.

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